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Road Running

Updated  06 January 2021

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Pre 2019 Road Running

BMAF Virtual 10k Road Race - 27 December 2020 to 2 January 2021

604 Masters athletes entered and 438 overcame the challenges of cold weather and more to complete their virtual 10k race and submit their results. 149 of these were BMAF area club members.  The official challenge was to see which club would have the largest team and this was won by VAC with 40 members competing.


Team results were based on two different methods of age-graded scoring:

  • 10 members of either gender per area club team.  Seven area clubs managed to get into the scoring on this basis, with Veterans AC ranked first.

  • 6 in a menís team and 4 in a separate womenís team.  7 clubs had a menís team with Welsh Masters coming out on top, whilst only 4 clubs had a womenís team, with Northern Masters ranked first

The links to the summary results and a certificate for each competitor completing the race are given on the BMAF website results page here 


The full individual results and age-graded team scores are available in OpenTrack here


The money received from the £2 supplement paid by unregistered athletes and the individual donations made by athletes via Opentrack came to a total of £121 which will be passed onto Teenage Cancer Trust. In additonal the Just Giving page we set up for this event raised a further £360.  Some of these donations will increase by 25% once their gift aid is collected from HMRC.


Southern Counties Veterans AC had only a few runners in this event Ė 14 men and 3 women. We hope that more will be encouraged to enter future virtual races. It does not equal the thrill of head-to-head competition, but it does provide some motivation in these difficult times.


BMAF Virtual 10K - SCVAC Participants.







Adam Tuck



9  (M40-44)


Andrew Aitken



12 (M40-44)


Steve Barnes



4  (M50-54)


Alun Rodgers



13 (M50-54)


John Lowden



8  (M60-64)


Bob Fursey



15 (M55-59)


Susan Francis



2  (W50-54)


Stewart Thorp



1  (M65-69)


Anthony Lintern



3  (M65-69)


Simon Tonks



36 (M50-54)


Geoff Anderson



5  (M70-74)


Jane Davies



3  (W60-64)


Celia Findlay



7  (W55-59)


Dave Beattie



7  (M70-74)


Andrew Robinson



41 (M50-54)


Tony Rea



2  (M75-79)


Mick Jefferies



13 (M70-74)



Mens Teams

1st WMAL  84.61%

2nd VAC   83.33%

3rd SCVAC  81.95% Team Members, John Lowden, Stewart Thorp, Steve Barnes, Alun Rodger, Anthony Lintern, Adam Tuck.

4th MMAC  80.86%

5th EMAC  80.44%

6th NMAC  79.60%

7th SWVAC 77,45%


Combined Teams.

1st VAC   85.47%

2nd MNAC 84.29%

3rd WMAL 82.88%

4th SCVAC 81.75% Team Members, Jane Davies, John Lowden, Susan Francis, Stewart Thorps, Steve Barnes, Alun Rodgers, Anthony Lintern, Adam Tuck, Geoff Anderson, Celia Findley.

5th MMAC 80.14%

6th SWVAC 78.40%

7th EMAC  77.64$


Sadly, insufficient SCVAC women entered to complete a womenís team.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

SCVAC 10k Championships - Beckley 10k, Beckley nr Rye,  1 November 2020

Well, well, well what a day!!!

So what did the race throw at us?

Hills, hills and more hills, added together with wind and rain (although the rain had eased off by the time most of us finished.

Trevor Edgley said that Beckley was the hilliest 10k heíd ever run, and to be honest itís difficult to disagree with him, but despite that we had brilliant results throughout the club.

Craig Halsey won the open event in 33:58 with 2nd place not breaking 39 minutes and we had 3 men in the top 5 of the open race.

On the womenís side we also had 2 in the top 5.

Full results are attached, and medals will follow in the post, probably after next weekend.

But that only tells half the story. Some of the age grading scores on that course in those conditions were nothing short of astonishing, leading the way was Susan Dixon with an age grading of 85.52% who narrowly pipped Paul Whelpton 84.59%, Craig Halsey achieved 82.24%, Dean Angell also broke 80% with 80.94. We then had a further 15 runners with age gradings in the 70%s.

As this will be the only SCVAC road race it also means that Susan Dixon will win the Ina Champion Trophy for 2020, Iím delighted that such a fantastic performance will win the trophy in this most strange of years.

So to round off, a quick thanks to Dean Angell for keeping me honest as we raced together the whole way round, but more generally thanks to everybody who made the effort to turn out yesterday it makes the organisation worthwhile.

Itís been a very strange year, stay safe everyone and hereís to a more normal 2020.

Kind regards

Mark Champion

Pos Chip Time Athlete SurName Team Age Category CatPos Age Grading Gender
97 0:50:40 Sally Carr Cambridge Harriers 49 Female Vet 45 1 66.84% F
52 0:45:31 Lynne Champion Istead & Ifield Harriers 51 Female Vet 50 1 76.20% F
126 0:53:22 Deborah Mccarthy Istead & Ifield Harriers 50 Female Vet 50 2 64.21% F
24 0:42:36 Susan Dixon Cambridge Harriers 55 Female Vet 55 1 85.52% F
70 0:47:59 Celia Findlay Southern Counties Veterans AC 58 Female Vet 55 2 78.92% F
118 0:52:52 Margaret Connolly Southern Counties Veterans AC 62 Female Vet 60 1 75.60% F
1 0:33:58 Craig Halsey Brighton & Hove AC 41 Male Vet 40 1 82.24% M
13 0:41:10 Robert Norville Southern Counties Veterans AC 44 Male Vet 40 2 69.47% M
5 0:40:05 Mark Champion Southern Counties Veterans AC 52 Male Vet 50 1 76.22% M
33 0:43:57 James Thomas Southern Counties Veterans AC 52 Male Vet 50 2 69.51% M
4 0:39:47 Dean Angell Horsham Joggers 58 Male Vet 55 1 80.94% M
30 0:43:51 David Sancto Southern Counties Veterans AC 56 Male Vet 55 2 72.14% M
31 0:43:53 Don Lawless Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 56 Male Vet 55 3 72.09% M
35 0:44:01 Phil Grabsky Brighton Phoenix 57 Male Vet 55 4 72.51% M
76 0:48:46 Martin Hawkins Southern Counties Veterans AC 59 Male Vet 55 5 66.64% M
15 0:41:47 Simon Bean Southern Counties Veterans AC 62 Male Vet 60 1 79.98% M
29 0:43:41 John Gurney Southern Counties Veterans AC 63 Male Vet 60 2 77.22% M
17 0:41:51 Paul Whelpton Brighton Phoenix 68 Male Vet 65 1 84.59% M
49 0:45:09 Roger Hyland Southern Counties Veterans AC 65 Male Vet 65 2 76.15% M
59 0:46:25 Craig Smith Southern Counties Veterans AC 65 Male Vet 65 3 74.08% M
86 0:50:00 Andrew Catton Ilford AC 67 Male Vet 65 4 70.10% M
80 0:49:09 John Exley Southern Counties Veterans AC 72 Male Vet 70 1 75.38% M
83 0:49:34 Peter Hamilton South West Veterans AC 72 Male Vet 70 2 74.75% M
104 0:51:18 Trevor Edgley Istead & Ifield Harriers 72 Male Vet 70 3 72.22% M
173 0:59:31 Tony Rea Southern Counties Veterans AC 76 Male Vet 75 1 66.28% M
245 1:31:13 Richard Pitcairn-Knowles Sevenoaks AC 87 Male Vet 85 1 58.34% M


SCVAC Half Marathon, Marden, 17 November 2019

Photos from Tony Rea

Today was the SCVAC Half Marathon Champs at Marden in Kent, it was a great little race on mostly quiet roads, flat apart from a couple of railway bridges, with clear conditions and no wind.

As a result we had a number of good results, with Trevor Edgley being the pick of the performances with an age grading of 77.81%, he also won the V70 trophy in the open race as did Mark Champion in the V50 category.

SCVAC Marden Half Marathon Results



Age Cat


Age Grade





Mark Champion




David Sancto




Ian McCarthy




Peter Watts




Trevor Edgley




Tony Rea





Success for SCVAC members at Givauden Ashford 10K, 6 October 2019

1st MV50 - Mark Champion 37.55 and 37th overall.
1st MV60 - Roger Hyland 41.21 and 88th overall.
1st FV 60 - Margaret Connolly 49.44 and 311th overall.
1st MV75 - Dave Moorekite 49.31 and 308th overall.

2nd FV50 - Lynne Champion 43.00 and 118th overall.

3rd FV60 - Janice Moorekite 50.52 and 346th overall.

1,203 runners took part

England v Celtic Nations Masters 10k Challenge. Birmingham 26 May 2019.

As there were several Southern Counties Vets AC runners selected for the England team in the above event held as part of The Great Run Birmingham 10K I thought they deserved a mention for their efforts as by common consent it was a tough and not particularly attractive course. England were extremely well represented, the Celtic Nations, sadly, were not quite so numerous but the overall quality of the field was very high even stretching to Jo Pavey in the open event. Our ladies were led by Kate Rennie 2nd (45-49) in 38.41 with Penny Forse 3rd (65-69) in 46.54 and Sue Garner 5th (70-74) in 55.34. Our leading man was Paul Whelpton 1st (65-69) in 38.46 followed by Dave Beattie 3rd (70-74) in 46.16 with a very strong (75-79) group led by Tony Brackstone 3rd in 50.58 with Dave Moorekite 4th in 51.35 and Tony Rea 5th in 51.52. Dave Moorekite's wife Janice ran in the open race to finish in 52.11. Qualification for the event was not easy and on a chilly, damp morning I thought all the runners produced efforts to be proud of.

Mick Jefferies,


New Annual Road Race Trophy (The Ina Champion Memorial Trophy)

Iím delighted to announce that for 2019 we have a new annual Road Race trophy (The Ina Champion Memorial Trophy) which will be awarded to the SCVAC member who achieves the best age grading score across the 4 SCVAC road races, this yearís qualifying races are:
- Bognor Prom 10k
- Dorking 10 mile
- Burnham Beeches Half Marathon
- York Marathon

The winner will be announced after the York Marathon and the Trophy will be awarded at the AGM in early December.

SCVAC Road 10k Champs at the Bognor Prom 10k on the 19th May 2019
Itís just over 7 weeks to the SCVAC Road Race Champs, & as requested weíve moved further west this year and so consequently the Bognor Prom 10k is a new Championship race for us.
Itís a flat, fast, traffic free course with the promise of a great Start / Finish village.
Hope you can join us?
For race entries we wonít be using the Opentrack system, rather weíd be grateful if you could:
- enter by their race entry portal at this address 

- & email me at  to let me know you have done so.
It would also be handy if you could enter using SCVAC as your club, but itís not essential as long as you email me to let me know youíve entered.
Then on the day come and find me, Iíll be in the race village wearing a bright yellow SCVAC polo shirt.
Hope to see you on the 19th.
Kind regards
Mark Champion
SCVAC Road Race Secretary

SCVAC Road Races go West. (well a bit)
Following comments from members that recent races have been weighted too far to the east of our region this year's races have been spread a bit more widely.

The Bognor Prom 10k is a race new to SCVAC, Burham Beeches half sees us returning to an old favourite, and for both the Dorking 10 mile and York Marathon we are teeming up BMAF for what promise to be exciting races.

19 May - Bognor Prom 10k
2 Jun - Dorking 10 mile, in conjunction with BMAF
11 Aug - Burnham Beeches Half Marathon
20 Oct - York Marathon, in conjunction with BMAF

I'm hoping to tie up the few loose ends on the Bognor Prom 10k and Burham Beeches Half in the next couple of weeks, entries will then go live on Opentrack. Entry details for the Dorking 10 & York Marathon will also be on Open Track in the National Section.

Look forward to seeing some of you out on the roads this year.

Mark Champion


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