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Updated  28 May 2024


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SCVAC Kent Vets League 2024




All latest information will be at SCVAC website (timetables, dates / venues)


Communication between Committee and Clubs is via Team managers



Mark Pitcairn-Knowles.

Peter Wishart

Kirstie Taylor

Grazia Manzotti

(Anouska Johnson Officials assistant)



League meeting Dates and Location.  All start at 6.45pm


1) Friday 17th May – Norman Park. Host Blackheath and Bromley

2) Friday 31st May – Tonbridge.   Host TAC

3) Friday 14th June – Dartford.   Host DAC

4) Friday 28th June   Sutcliffe Park.  Host Cambridge harriers

5) Friday 12th July – Tonbridge.   Host TAC

6) Friday 19th July – Dartford.   Host Central Park AC


See Timetable.


Kent Vets SCVAC Structure for 2024

DIV 1                                                                          Div 2

Women                                                                       Women

Tonbridge. (T)                                                             Tonbridge B (N)

Dartford  (D)                                                               CPA (G)

Bexley (B)                                                                   Bromley vets (J)

Blackheath & Bromley (F)                                           Paddock Wood (P)

Cambridge (C)                                                            Sevenoaks (S)

Medway & Maidstone (M)                                            Ashford (A)



DIV 1                                                                          Div 2

Men                                                                            Men

Tonbridge                                                                   Bexley

Dartford                                                                      CPA

Blackheath & Bromley                                                 Paddock wood

Cambridge                                                                  Bromley Vets

Medway & Maidstone                                                  Sevenoaks

Ashford                                                                       Tonbridge B



Please ensure that a good number of your members sign up and take part in English Athletics Officials courses this winter.  Most Clubs will pay the fee.

It is each individual clubs responsibility to provide officials for their allocated field events along with


Track safety

Following the incident at Dartford last year please ensure that all athletes watch these videos.  It will help those with experience to understand the way those less experienced are thinking and vice versa.   Be aware of these basic reminders.


1/ Competitors and Officials only within competition areas.

2/ Look both ways when crossing the track

3/ No form of head phones within the track and infield areas (as per EA rules)

4/ Warm up

Field Events.   Only when directed by officials.

Track Events.    Practice starts only when indicated by officials or away from the busy start area.

5/Please try to avoid interrupting officials unless directly related to the functioning of the event.


SCVAC Kent Divisions 2024 Rules updated (01/01/2024)

ENTRY FORMS to Mark Pitcairn-Knowles , 2 weeks prior to the first meeting (will be sent out to team managers)

SUBSCRIPTIONS to SCVAC treasurer Jeremy Carmichael
£75 per team (directly linked to cost of track hire and may change from year to year)
Payment by 2 weeks prior to the first meeting.
Southern Counties Veterans Athletic Club
Sort Code: 20-24-61
A/c no.: 80037249


Must be first Claim members of club that has entered
5 second claim athletes allowed per team, these must be listed on the entry form prior to the start of the league. Second Claim athletes cannot be first claim members of another club in the league, regardless of which division each club is in.
Please give dates of birth of all athletes to Brian Charlton


HOST club. Track Result pads.
Non scoring numbers

Brian Charlton Declaration forms (online in advance and a hard copy on the night)
Lane Draws, throwing / jumping order, field cards, results.

Mark Pitcairn-Knowles Competition numbers (Clubs please request )


HOST CLUB Starter, Marksman
Provide Track referee
Field referee
First Aid provision

VISITING CLUBS 1 Time keeper
Provide 1 Track Judge
Meet requirements as per schedule of clubs field duties

Announcer Richard Mann at all meetings.


3 trials in long throws and triple jump, 4 in shot and long jump

Pole Vault and High jumps, all age groups and divisions start together

Division 1 compete separately first followed by Division 2 in all events apart from PV and HJ


654321 in all events


No non scoring in field events

In sprint events where there is a spare lane or time for extra races.

In distance races where they will not over crowd the race and there are sufficient time keepers and track judges. Extra races only if track referee agrees there is spare time.

Athletes cannot compete in the same event in different age groups in the same meeting, but may compete in different events in different age groups in the same meeting
Where A and B strings run in separate races, the faster athlete should always be placed in the A race
Where A and B strings run in the same race, the first athlete to finish will score as the A string

4X200 Athletes will start on the long stagger and the third leg runner will break at the beginning of the back straight
4x400 First leg athletes will start on the 800 start lines, run the first 100 in lanes and then break at the beginning of the back straight

Any appeals about possible inaccurate individual results must be made by the athlete concerned or his/her team manager on the night.. The decision of the track or field referee will be final.
The team results may not be finalised on the night, but will be supplied by the recorder as soon as possible after the night.

If a fixture is cancelled and at least 80% of the events have been completed, the fixture will count as a complete fixture and the remaining events will not be held.
If fewer than 80% of the events have been completed, the points for the completed events will count and the remaining events may be held at a later date An event is defined as a race/throw/jump in one division in one age group, e.g.100m. division 1, M40A and M40B
If the up to two fixture’s have to be cancelled, the league positions after four or five matches will be the final results for the season.

The first and second teams in division 1, men and women, will compete in the final against the winners from the other regional sections of the league.
An entrant shall be deemed to have made him/herself/their self, familiar with, and agreed to be bound by the UKA Anti-Doping Rules and to submit to the authority of UK Anti-Doping in the application and enforcement of the Anti-Doping Rules.
The UKA Anti-Doping Rules apply to entrants participating in the sport of Athletics, for 12 months from the [date of entry], whether or not the licence holder is a citizen of, or resident in, the UK.’

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